Modern datacentres perform rack-to-rack interconnection primarily through Active Optical Cables (AOCs), used to carry hundreds of gigabits through hundreds of meters. Current AOC products rely on simple on-off keying modulation to transmit parallel “lanes” of data in arrays of multi-mode fiber. Although simple an approach, its scalability is reaching its limits and cannot keep up with the soaring demand for capacity.

MIRAGE aims to disrupt current development efforts by introducing new degrees of parallelization in optical interconnects. Within the project workplan a manifold of recent developments and paradigms are leveraged effectively to untap the potential of AOC technologies.

The following disciplines are streamlined in MIRAGE to unleash the scalability of AOCs:

  • data transmission in multi-core single-mode fiber and development of the necessary chip-to-fiber interfaces
  • introduction of multi-level modulation schemes for capacity upgrade
  • introduction of wavelength multiplexing in Active Optical Cables

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