The Internet is changing: it is rapidly reshaping into a content-centric network, where billions of users demand instant access to vast amounts of data. Currently online content makes up an enormous capacity of more than 500 billion gigabytes, all of which resides in datacenters. Datacenters are massive facilities consisting of hundreds or even thousands of servers interconnected with each other. Being the repositories of online content, datacenters are now becoming the “hot spots” of the internet and content providers face up to the challenge of increasing the interconnection speed to improve data delivery to the end user.


MIRAGE aims to raise the bar of optical-interconnect technology currently used in data centers and bring it to the terabit scale. To achieve its challenging mission, the project has defined a multidisciplinary work-plan with objectives that span from material research to cutting edge integration techniques and circuit design, streamlined towards suitability for commercial uptake.


The core technological objectives of MIRAGE are:

  • develop silicon photonic-electronic platform for 3D EPICs

  • develop monolithic CWDM long-wavelength VCSEL arrays with 40 Gb/s/modulation bandwidth

  • develop advanced methodology for industry-compatible component 3D assembly & packaging

  • develop low cost techniques for multicore-fiber coupling

  • fabricate application-specific components using the developed 3D optical engine

  • Evaluate fabricated components in application scenarios

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